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Chania (or Hania) in Crete

Hotels and apartments

Up until 1972, Chania was the capital of Crete. Today, it is the second largest town in Crete, with its own airport serving Western Crete. Many believe Chania to be one of the most impressive towns in the whole of Greece. Chania is really two towns. The old walled town with its mediaeval quarters and the new town with its magnificent harbour, consists of houses Chania crete, hotelsand churches from both the Venetian and Turkish periods. Walking through the maze of narrow streets is like a trip through the history of Crete. Here around the crescent shaped harbour you will find many excellent restaurants, bars and small shops, as well as the famous cruciform shaped market, with its fascinating array of provisions. The unique melting pot of history which forms this town is part of its enduring charm. Scattered north and west from Chania, lie countless beautiful beaches along with many small villages and pretty coves. Here is the perfect holiday town and area that caters for most tastes. There are water sports, ideal sunbathing spots and many worthwhile excursions through the western part of the island. Of further interest is the Akrotiri peninsula with its ancient atmospheric monasteries. The peninsula divides the Bay of Souda, with its beautiful natural harbour, and the Bay of Chania. The towns of Sougia, Chora Sfakion, and Paleochora in the South, as well as Kissamos and Phalassarna in the West, are all easily reached by bus. The region around Chania is also the best base from which to take the walk through the glorious wild natural beauty of the famous 18km Samaria Gorge. In the wonderful region in and around Chania we have carefull chosen a selection of accommodation, in a wide choice of villages such as Kalathas, Stavros, Kalamaki, Stalos, Platanias, Gerani, Kolimabari, Maleme and Tavronitis, which are all between 5 and 25 km distance from the town of Chania

Chania or Hania, Hotels Apartments in Crete, Creta, Kreta

a, Hotels Apartments in Crete, Creta, Kreta

a, Hotels Apartments in Crete, Creta, Kreta
a, Hotels Apartments in Crete, Creta, Kreta
a, Hotels Apartments in Crete, Creta, Kreta
a, Hotels Apartments in Crete, Creta, Kreta
a, Hotels Apartments in Crete, Creta, Kreta
a, Hotels Apartments in Crete, Creta, Kreta

Hotels & apartments in Chania
Tel/fax: +33 (0)4 93 37 81 63 --- Mobile: +33 (0)6 08 37 02 49
Address in France: 20, Boulevard Joseph Garnier F-06000 Nice
Address in Greece: Astrikas - Chania - Crete

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Amorgos is an island with white houses, crystal clear water and a peaceful atmosphere: it is no coincidence that Luc Besson chose to shoot the first part of  the film The BigBlue here. Once only visited by the occasional backpacker, Amorgos has become quite an "trendy" island since the film was released, and it is no surprise that you will find more French holidaymakers here than usual. It is one of the the easternmost islands of the Cyclades, located southeast of Naxos, Ios northeast of Ios and north of Anafi. The coastline is 112 kilometres. Amorgos is generally mountainous, rocky and rough, with very few residents and high hills and mountains, the highest are Mt Krikello (826 m) and Mt Saint Elias (648 m) . 
The people engaged in agriculture, fisheries and shipping. The few products of Amorgos are cereals, wine, oil, figs and tobacco all excellent especially the tobacco and beans are in demand. Also fine are the dairy products. In recent years, the beauties of Amorgos are attracting more and more Greeks and foreign tourists.

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