Alpha & Omega. Hotels à Ios Grece
Hotels à Ios Grece
Réservation d' hôtels, chambres d'hôtes /B&B, Ios, Iles Cyclades en Grece
Hôtels à Ios, îles Cyclades en Grèce
Hotels à Ios Grece
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Hotels à Ios Grece

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Hotels à Ios Grece Hotels à Ios Grece Hotels à Ios Grece Hotels à Ios Grece

Hotels à Ios Grece Hotels à Ios Grece Hotels à Ios Grece Hotels à Ios Grece

Hotels à Ios Grece Hotels à Ios Grece Hotels à Ios Grece
Tel/fax: +33 (0)4 93 37 81 63 --- Mobile: +33 (0)6 08 37 02 49
Adresse en France: 20, Boulevard Joseph Garnier F-06000 Nice
Adresse en Grèce: Astrikas - Chania - Crète, 73006 Grece

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Transport in Athens. Information on the public transportation in Athens. The transport system in Athens has been modernised the last years. New roads, bridges, a brand new rail network and new modern means of transport like the Athens Metro, the suburban railway and the Athens tram have reduced a lot the transportation problems of Athens, as well as they have played a main role to the reduce of the atmosphere pollution of the Attica basin.
The means of transport in Athens are divided in 4 categories.
The urban buses that are under the authority of the OASA (organisation of urban transport of Athens) that connecting all Municipalities of Athens and Piraeus.
The suburban buses that connecting Athens with suburban areas and with the rest of the mainland of Greece under the authority of KTEL. The main terminal stations of Ktel are located in 2 major areas, the first is at Kifisou 101 for western Greece and Peloponnesus and the other is at Liossion street 260 for northern Greece. For East Attica suburbs and coastal resorts like Rafina the terminals are in Pedion Areos next to the junction with Alexandra's avenue. OASA has create an innovation with the bus line 400 that takes you to the most interesting sites of Athens the ticket costs 5 euro and it makes a sightseeing tour of Athens