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Map of eastern Crete

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Lesvos. Also known as “Mytilíni”. Here, Sappho, a woman poet of ancient Greece, was born. Traditional settlements are scattered all over the island (Agiássos, Assómatos, Vatoússa, Eressós, Mantamádos, Míthymna, Pétra, Plomári, Polihnítos, Sígri, Sykamiá). Plomári is famous for having the best oúzo, and the strongest. Accompany a drink of oúzo with Kaloní’s superb sardines. On the island you can also find a Zen centre and other spiritual and cultural forums. Kaloní is the bird-watching capital of Europe, also rich in wild flowers. Cure yourself at thermal spas at Thermí, Efthaloú and Yéra. Walk also along unspoiled, golden beaches.