Alpha & Omega. Map of Greece
Alpha & Omega. Map of Greece
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Alpha & Omega. Map of Greece
Alpha & Omega. Map of Greece Alpha & Omega. Map of Greece Alpha & Omega. Map of Greece
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Detailed map of Greece

map of greece

Detailed map of Greece

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Cretan cuisine
Certainly for many centuries, Crete has offered a gastronomic education and a series of dishes which have travelled through time to arrive, almost unchanged, to the present day. Although the island has been a melting pot for almost all the peoples in the Mediterranean,
it seems that Cretan cuisine, despite its international past, has remained strictly Cretan and minimally influenced by the conquerors - in any case, any intermingling between the peoples happened violently and not peacefully.
The Cretan people depended for their food almost exclusively on the products of their earth. They have their own sauces, dairy products, specialties, sweet dishes, pulses. This is a very egoistic opinion you will tell me. Well, come with me and let us see.
Have you heard anywhere else of eating papoules, stamnagathi, rodiki, korfokoukia, daisy shoots or mosses? Well, here are the specialty salads, always raw and always cooling, and with plenty of oil, vinegar and coarse salt, with a few wrinkled olives. So, if you find yourself in Crete during spring or autumn, don’t forget to ask for some of these.
As far as cereals are concerned, barley has been cultivated more than wheat. The famous barley rusk has come down to us today - it is softened in water, soaked in oil and tomato, and it constitutes our national dish, the famous “tako” which is very tasty and very good for the digestion.
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Address in France: 20, Boulevard Joseph Garnier F-06000 Nice
Address in Greece: Astrikas - Chania - Crete, 73006 Greece
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