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Map of Thessaloniki

Map of Thessaloniki, Salonica, Salonika, Greece

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This is a rather quiet route that goes through cultivated fields and small rural villages without particular interest. Platanos is the largest village in the area with 1500 people who make a living out of olive trees and olive oil. Most houses are new and colourless, featuring walls made of concrete, but there are also some old stone-built houses concentrated mainly around the foot of the hill at the east of the village. If you walk through the village you will see an odd mixture of the old and the new lying peacefully side by side: courtyards with age-old equipment used to make raki, traditional bakeries, old-time coffee shops where the elderly sip Greek coffee and have heated political discussions, and next to them modern cafeterias filled with young people who spend their energy and pocket money on electronic games.
Should you feel like staying for an evening and catching a glimpse of life in a Cretan village, the Rooms to Let Photopoulos are the most convenient accommodations. The restaurant next door is quite good and it belongs to the same owner. As you leave Platanos from the south you will see an intersection with a Gr/E sign pointing to Falassarna. If you follow it, after five hundred metres you will have a beautiful panoramic view of the Falassarna beach, the cape where the ancient town was built, and the valley south of it which today is full of olive groves and greenhouses.
Tel/fax: +33 (0)4 93 37 81 63 --- Mobile: +33 (0)6 08 37 02 49
Address in France: 20, Boulevard Joseph Garnier F-06000 Nice
Address in Greece: Astrikas - Chania - Crete, 73006 Greece
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