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Religious celebrations and festivals, traditional popular events, culinary feasts and cultural activities organised throughout the year shape a unique cultural profile. One of the most colourful festivals in Greece, “Heráklion Summer Festival” is held by the Municipality of Heráklion and comprises a rich variety of cultural events. Every summer sea lovers gather in the harbour of Heráklion, where the yacht club of the city organizes yacht races, sailing or rowing lessons and sail rides for the public.
The Wine Festival at Daphnés, organised throughout the first fortnight of July, is dedicated to the local wine of Daphnes and Cretan gastronomy. Sample snails cooked with groats, rabbit with aromatic herbs, pork with celeriac, kaprikó pork grilled with herbs, kalitsoúnia (a pastry filled with cheese) and kserotíyana (honey dipped spiral pastries). Savoury local specialties are complemented with local wine. The region of Heráklion has three VQPRD zones (Vin de Qualité Produit Dans Une Région Déterminée: Wines of Quality Produced in Determined Regions): Pezá, Daphnés and Arhánes, with plenty of wineries and wine museums.
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